Ambrose Plant Hire

Ambrose Plant Hire enjoys a very good reputation among those individuals and companies that are looking to find the best plant hire companies in the UK. In fact, many customers that have dealt with this company have made sure that it becomes their first choice whenever they need to hire plant and tools.

Plant Hire-more than 30 years of experience

Ambrose Plant Hire has more than three decades of experience in this line of business. Today, it is considered among the primary regional companies that offer the best plant hire services and the name Ambrose is firmly etched in the minds of its clients who respect the company for its excellent services.

Network of depots

Ambrose Plant Hire operates a wide network of depots which offer the complete range of plant equipment hire options. Besides having a large plant fleet, the company also ensures that all of its equipment is the latest and from the most reputable brands in the world. Best of all, customers that deal with Ambrose Plant Hire get to hire the best equipment at rates that are truly unbeatable and very competitive.

Competent and knowledgeable staffs

The company employs staffs that are always available to help a client out. The staffs is competent and knowledgeable and is able to offer very sound advice which will go a long way in ensuring that each customer gets to find the proper equipment for their needs. The plant used by Ambrose Plant Hire is always inspected on a regular basis to ensure that it is always in proper condition and the company also provides on-time delivery of plant hire equipment.

Team of engineers

Ambrose Plant Hire also has a team of engineers that are properly trained to ensure that clients get the best backup service and in addition the company is also willing to offer a number of different security options which are provided on request by the client.

When you first make contact with Ambrose Plant Hire you will be pleased that the company makes it a point to respond to your request in a timely and efficient manner. This high quality of service will be offered right till the time the company collects its equipment back from the client. Ambrose Plant Hire provides very efficient and reliable customer service.

To cater to the demands of the North West, Ambrose Plant Hire has recently incorporated A&K Plant Hire brand which already has more than three decades of experience in providing best quality of plant equipment hire services. Now, Ambrose Plant Hire is able of offer especially large sized excavators (operated and non operated) and it can also rent out different telescopic handlers as well. All this has helped to broaden the range of products being offered by the Ambrose Group.

Ambrose Plant Hire is confident that it can service all kinds of customer needs. Whether the client wants a one tonne or a ten tonne dumper, Ambrose Plant Hire is sure to offer just the right equipment to keep the customer satisfied. So, if you need high quality of equipment at affordable prices, you should certainly use Ambrose Plant Hire for all your needs.

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