Chippindale Plant Hire

Chippindale Plant Hire is a company that has a well maintained plant fleet. The company also has its own specially trained fitting staff that makes absolutely sure that the plant is properly maintained. Furthermore, the company has a policy of continuously renewing its hire fleet in order to keep it as modern and reliable as possible. In addition, by renewing its hire fleet, Chippindale Plant Hire is also able to comply with local and existing safety legislations.

Plant Hire- adds new products to its fleet

Chippindale Plant Hire also ensures that whenever new products are introduced in the market that it adds these to its hire fleet. The company has some excellent bowsers available for hire. For example, it offers a 250g Road Tow Drinking Water bowser for hire which has single skin polycarbonate tank which is mounted on a galvanised chassis with a diaphragm pump. It also offers a 250g Road tow drinking water bowser. Other than these two options, Chippindale Plant Hire also offers 250g Road tow drinking bowser c/w 110volts on demand pump and 250g Water bowser (site or even road tow) c/w handpump and more.

Hire dumpers

Chippindale Plant Hire also offers a variety of options for those who need to hire dumpers. They have, for example, a Thwaites one tonne hi tip dumper (inc. ROPS) for hire which has a width of 1120mm, length of 3030mm, height of 2860mm, tipping height of 1573mm and unladen weight of 1190kg. This particular dumper can carry a payload of 1000 kilograms.

There is also the Thwaites Hi-Swivel three tonne dumper that you can hire from Chippindale Plant Hire. It has a width of 1840mm, length of 3972mm, height of 3440mm and tipping height of 1850mm while its unladen weight is 12820 kilograms and its maximum payload is 3000 kilograms.

Forward tip dumpers

The company also hires out various forward tip dumpers as well as swivel skip dumpers. In fact, you can also hire out Cormidi dumpers from Chippindale Plant Hire which has a range of options for you to choose from in each category of dumper.

Chippindale Plant Hire is a specialist company that provides excellent plant hire services. It has a range of options for you to choose from and if you are looking to hire generators from this company then you will have numerous options to choose from. for example, it offers a 2.7KVA generator that runs on petrol and it also has 5 KVA generator that runs on diesel. It can also hire out five and six KVA generators as well as nine KVA and even 16 KVA generators. There is even a 38KVA Generator available for hire.

Chippindale Plant Hire offers hire services in various parts of the UK including Leeds and Keighley, Catterick, Huddersfield and Sheffield and even York. The company is also able to provide the best service and along with a wide range of excellently maintained plant for hire it backs up that by serving the customer in the best manner possible. That is why so many of its clients come back to get their plant equipment for hire from Chippindale Plant Hire.

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