Coppard Plant Hire

Coppard Plant Hire is a UK based company that shows a real commitment to providing its customers with the highest level of service. The company also aims to satisfy each customer which it does by providing them with plant on hire to suit their every need and the company also ensures that it is able to deliver plant to them on time and to any place that the customer specifies.

Plant Hire – large sized plant fleet

Coppard Plant Hire maintains a very large sized plant fleet that consists of a broad range of equipment including dumpers, rollers, excavators and a whole lot more. The company also offers small tools on hire and in addition offers compressors and site equipment as well.

Excavators, mini diggers and more

Companies and individuals that need to rent excavators as well as mini diggers will do well to get in touch with Coppard Plant Hire. In fact, the company has a very large plant fleet in which there are over a hundred different kinds of excavators and there are plenty of good quality micro diggers available for hire. If you need an excavator with operator then again Coppard Plant Hire is there to provide you with the best solution for your needs.

Delivering the right kind of plant

By delivering the right kind of plant to the customer, Coppard Plant Hire is able to ensure that its customers stand a better chance of getting their projects completed on time and for a much less cost as well. The company has plant that is available for hire in London and in many parts of the South East of England.

Access equipment

Coppard Plant Hire is also a good option for those companies and individuals that are looking to rent out access equipment. The company offers a broad range of access equipment for hire including mechanical boom lifts as well as mechanical scissor lifts. The company has different rental charges.

For example, Coppard Plant Hire charges forty pounds per day for Yougman Boss X 3 Scissor lift which is electrically operated. The same item will cost you two hundred pounds per week. If you plan on hiring out scaffold towers then Coppard Plant Hire will charge fifty pounds per week for a Razor Deck – self erecting scaffold tower.

Coppard Plant Hire also has some very good options for those who want to rent out a dumper. For example, they will rent out two tonne four wheel drive hydraulic tip dumper for forty-five pounds per day. This is a self-drive option which would also cost you one hundred and twenty pounds per week for weekly hire.

You can also rent out low ground pressure dumpers for which Coppard Plant Hire will charge you sixty-five pounds per day (self drive option) for a three tonne four wheel drive low ground pressure dumper.

The company also offers other plant for hire including glass liftes and cranes. Coppard Plant Hire operates from various locations including from Crowborough and Godstone as well as Brighton. The branch address for their Crowborough Office is Coppard Plant Hire Ltd, Crowborough Hill, Crowborough East Sussex TN6 2JE. Their telephone number is 01892 662 777.

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