Didcot Plant Hire

Didcot Plant Hire are an independent plant hire company that is family owned and which has been doing business since its formation in the year 1967. The company is a specialist in the hire of plant and tools for trade as well as for do-it-yourself individuals. It handles all its clients from its depot that is located in Oxfordshire and more particularly in Didcot.

Plant Hire-extensive range of equipment

Didcot Plant Hire offers an extensive range of equipment on hire and will provide solutions to suit every need. Whether the customer requires simple hand operated tools or they want complete electrical and even petrol engine equipment, Didcot Plant Hire is there to provide a suitable solution. It also offers diesel engine plants with capacities of up to eight tonnes for excavators and six tonnes for dumpers as well as for forklift trucks.

Best service to customers

Didcot Plant Hire has a policy of providing their clients with the best service and this ethos permeates each department in the company. This means that from the time that you make contact with Didcot Plant Hire till you end the hire agreement you are going to be treated in a professional and efficient and courteous manner. The best part about dealing with this company is that it is very straightforward in all of its dealings.

Knowledgeable and expert team

When dealing with Didcot Plant Hire, you will also find that it is the high quality of their service that helps to distinguish them from other plant hire companies. The team that handles the plant hire services is very knowledgeable and expert and can provide not only the best fit for your requirements but will also help and advice as well as guide you regarding which item is best for your requirements.

Didcot Plant Hire also realises that it is imperative that the customer gets his plant on time as they know that otherwise the client will suffer and this will ruin their reputation. This is why the company has a minimum of 4 delivery vehicles available at all times of the day and night. In this way, the company manages to deliver its plant on time every time.

Didcot Plant Hire also knows that the plant equipment that they hire out to customer's needs to be in perfect working condition. This is why it has created a team of dedicated professionals who can turn out plant that is of the very highest standards. In addition, this team also ensures that the plant is kept absolutely clean and all the safety aspects will also be suitable addressed.

The best part about dealing with Didcot Plant Hire is that all the high quality of plant equipment on hire is made available to the customer at a very affordable price. This means that the customer is not burdened by having to pay extra for the high quality that they receive. In fact, the prices charged by Didcot Plant Hire are very competitive and there will be many times when their prices will be much lower than that of their competitors.

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