Dubye Plant Hire

Dubye plant hire is an excellent plant hire company. Recently, it has unveiled a four million pound investment in a new premise which is located in Inverness, Scotland. This move will help Dubye plant hire to provide as many as twenty-five new jobs to this part of Scotland.

Plant Hire-timber frame factory

For the four million pounds that it spent, Dubye plant hire has managed to take over a timber frame factory that belonged to Tulloch Homes and which is located on the Longman industrial estate in the city. Currently, this plant is being fitted and it should be fully operational pretty soon.

New headquarters

Dubye plant hire has taken up forty-five thousand square feet of accommodation in these new premises. Originally, Dubye plant hire was engaged in marine as well as oilfield equipment and was based out at Elgin but with this change the company is now going to base its operations out of its new headquarters in Inverness.

Operates from Elgin and from Turriff

Even so, Dubye plant hire will continue to operate out of Elgin and it also has operations in Turriff. Dubye diversified into plant hire after it agreed to a deal with another company called GE Capital Plant Hire and the agreement allowed Dubye plant hire to take over the assets and a few workers in Inverness.

Dubye plant hire has a special vision which it calls vision of rapid expansion which it believes will help it to reap many benefits. In fact, this vision of rapid expansion has helped Dubye plant hire to create forty-two jobs which means that currently its workforce has shot up to sixty.

The good news for Dubye plant hire is that it is managing to expand its client base all the time. Their latest investment will allow the company to service a rapidly expanding market and will help to keep Dubye plant hire way ahead of its competitors.

Dubye plant hire has reported that in a five month period it has been able to grow fivefold and the response to its services has been staggering, especially from the construction and building sectors. These sectors are not easy to deal with and so the positive response that the company has got in these sectors will act as a real boost to the company which will be able to grow in an economic scenario that happens to currently be very challenging.

Dubye plant hire has been getting orders from various places including Mull, Islay, Skye and even Fraserburgh that lies to the far eastern parts. The far eastern parts are good for Dubye plant hire which has obtained orders from that part and from places such as Aberdeen and also from Banchory.

The company is presently engaged in obtaining orders from all parts of Scotland and it plans to continue its expansion by opening sites at Perth. This new site should be operational within the next six months.

Dubye plant hire is growing and given the fact that it is strongly committed to providing the best plant hire services, there is reason to believe that the coming years for it will be good for the company.

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