GE Plant Hire

GE Plant Hire is a specialist plant hire company that provides mini diggers as well as other plant equipment on hire. Customers can choose whether to hire operated or self driven plant. The company has a lot of experience in hiring out excavators of different types to its customers who can be small contractors or huge construction companies as well as trade and do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

Plant Hire-proud to offer prompt services

GE Plant Hire takes great pride in the fact that it can supply plant on hire in a prompt manner and in addition is a reliable company that offers helpful services to its customers at all times. The company is very confident that it can offer the best quality of equipment and its standard of services are also outstanding.

Hire micro diggers

If you are interested in dealing with GE Plant Hire and you wish to hire out a micro digger for a day, then the company will provide you what you need for about seventy pounds per day. The charges for a micro digger hire for two days is 120 pounds while the charges for a micro digger for a week will be about 170 pounds. If you would like to hire out a micro digger over the weekend and on a Bank Holiday then GE Plant Hire will charge you 75 pounds for that.

In addition, GE Plant Hire also has set its operator charges which are 120 pounds for one day during the week while on Bank Holidays and on weekends the charges per day are 240 pounds.

Hydraulic breaker hire charges

The charges for hydraulic breaker are forty pounds per day and 150 pounds per week. It is important to keep in mind the fact that these prices do not include delivery. For delivery, GE Plant Hire charges extra which is typically about ten pounds each way. However, you can negotiate with GE Plant Hire to arrive at a suitable price. Also, operator charges do not include the price of plant.

The company considers a full week as being Monday through till Friday and a full working day is considered as hours falling between eight in the morning and four thirty in the evening.

The company offers excellent service and is quite affordable as well. GE Plant Hire is among the largest providers of plant on hire for the construction industry and for many other sectors as well. The company is able to hire out top quality plant and is renowned for its diverse plant fleet which is well maintained and which includes the most modern machineries.

When dealing with GE Plant Hire you are assured that you will get the perfect machine for your needs and in addition the customer service is very professional and will ensure that your request is handled promptly and efficiently. Dealing with GE Plant Hire can be a worthwhile experience as well.

GE Plant Hire is there to provide solutions for all your needs. It can take care of small to very large requirements and will ensure that every client gets the right plant machinery to suit their individual needs.

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