Hawk Plant Hire

When you check out the credentials of Hawk Plant Hire, you will soon realise that this is probably the largest independently run plant hire companies in the United Kingdom. The company also employs a team of professionals that know the plant hire business inside out. Besides excelling at the hire of heavy plant equipment, Hawk Plant Hire also provides light plant hire. During the past seven years, the company has expanded its plant fleet to total more than four hundred units which means that currently Hawk Plant Hire has more than fifteen hundred units available for hire.

Plant Hire-a part of the Hawk Group

Hawk Plant Hire belongs to the Hawk Group which in turn began to do business in the sixties. At that time, Hawk Plant Hire was basically a small company which dealt in the agricultural sector and also in the plant market. Over time, Hawk Plant Hire evolved into becoming a huge and reputable plant hire company and today it can rightly boast of the fact that it is currently among the biggest rental companies for construction equipment as well as for agricultural equipment. It is counted among the top plant hire companies in all of the United Kingdom. In 2007, the Group managed a total turnover of about fifty million pounds.

Expanded into light plant industry

Over the recent past, Hawk Plant Hire has expanded into the light plant industry and so has expanded its hire services to include plant machineries such as excavators and dumpers and more. In other words, when you deal with Hawk Plant Hire today you can rest assured that they will be able to meet all your requirements.

Heavy plant rental

Currently, Hawk Plant Hire services for heavy plant rental are the driving force of the company's success. In fact, this aspect of their services has helped to make the company the largest and the most independent plant hire organisations in all of the UK. The company has a team that has more than three decades of experience in offering outstanding plant hire services.

Hawk Plant Hire services are reliable and with a fleet that comprises of more than fifteen hundred units, the company is in an excellent position to meet all of their customers' needs. The company has numerous plant machineries available but some of their equipment which is much in demand includes the likes of tracked and wheeled excavators with capacities ranging from thirteen to sixty tonnes.

In addition, the company hires out attachments such as breakers, hammers, grapples, munchers and shears. It also has articulated dump trucks of capacities ranging from twelve to forty tonnes. In addition, the company is also in a position to rent out bulldozers and loading shovels as well as backhoe loaders.

Besides offering heavy plant for hire, Hawk Plant Hire also deals with light plant. In this regard, the company has dumpers for hire that range from one to nine tonnes and then there are excavators for hire as well as bowers and compaction machines.

The company continuously replaces its fleet and in this way makes sure that it can always provide its customers with the best machines which are technologically advanced as well.

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