Metcalfe Plant Hire

Metcalfe Plant Hire is a leading plant hire company that operates in Penrith Cumbria. It was founded way back in 1972 and from that time till the present it has grown to become a reliable and well reputed plant hire company. It has more than five hundred items of plant as well as machinery that covers every possible aspect of plant hire. The company also strives to (and succeeds) in maintaining a reliable service that is offered to each of its customers. Whether they are large customers or small ones does not make any difference to Metcalfe Plant Hire which will still strive to serve them in the best manner possible.

Plant Hire-also provides contracting services

Though the core of Metcalfe Plant Hire business remains plant hire, it also does some contracting work and covers different operations as well as services including but not limited to general civil engineering, earthworks, drainage, water mains, public utilities and concrete works.

Wide and comprehensive range of plant equipment for hire

Metcalfe Plant Hire has a wide and comprehensive range of plant that is properly maintained. This is backed up by professional quality of service and prices that are very competitive.

Excavators – small and large

Metcalfe Plant Hire offers a comprehensive collection of excavators including those which are small (such as ¾ tonne micro diggers) and those which are large (such as 35 tonnes excavators). This means that Metcalfe Plant Hire is there to provide a plant equipment hire solution for those who need equipment to work in tight spots and also to those who need to perform large shift and/or excavation work.

The company also offers tracked as well as wheeled excavators for different projects and it also can offer diggers which can be operated on oil which is bio-degradable. This ensures that the client can complete their projects in an environmentally friendly manner and in areas which are environmentally sensitive such as seashores, lakes and waterways.

Metcalfe Plant Hire also offers many different kinds of dumpers with the smallest one being a five hundred kilogram tracked dumper which has high tip facilities. The next biggest dumper is the one which is six tonnes in capacity and which is available in either power-swivel or even as straight skip models. If you have a large project involving shift and/or earthwork then you can hire large sized dumper trucks in the thirty tonne capacity range.

Metcalfe Plant Hire also offers excellent rollers. You can for example hire out an 80 roller or you can choose to hire a self-propelled ride-on roller which is perfect for performing a large task. If you have any questions regarding the best roller for you, then you should speak with the plant hire department at Metcalfe Plant Hire as they can provide useful help guidance and advice to help you pick the right plant for your needs.

Metcalfe Plant Hire also offers a huge selection of competitively priced small plant for hire. These small plant hire items include tower lights, mobile pressure washers, and range of wacker plates, concrete floats, floor saws and concrete floaters. For more information you can contact the hire department of the company.

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