Mr Plant Hire

Mr Plant Hire Plc is one of the best known plant hire companies in the UK. This is in fact a company that has successfully offered complete plant and tool hire solutions to customers in the South East of England. Regardless of the kind of plant machinery that you wish to hire, you can depend on Mr Plant Hire to provide you with a fitting solution to your needs.

Plant Hire-lifts, access systems and generators and more

Whether you need lifts or access systems or generators or even lighting and pumps this is one company that you can rely on to provide you with the perfect solution. The best part about dealing with Mr Plant Hire is that it ensures that before hiring out its plant that it will test the equipment to ensure that it is in perfect working condition and that it adheres to each and every safety and health regulation in force in the country.

An award winning company

This is why Mr Plant Hire has been given awards such as those such as the Hire Association Europe national Safety Award and the International Powered Access Federation. All this goes to show that Mr Plant Hire is a dependable and trustworthy company that will provide you with the best plant hire solutions.

Get discounts on long term plans

If you hire out their plant for a long duration of time, the company will even offer you a discount and so before completing the hire be sure that you speak with their professional and knowledgeable employees who will provide you with details about how to get the best deal.

Mr Plant Hire Plc is a company which was the brainchild of David Elsdon who created this company in 1981 and was joined (three years later) by Martin Lawrence. Mr Plant Hire has grown to become a very successful plant hire company that provides outstanding quality of service and in addition shows its commitment to serving its customers in the best manner possible by adhering to all safety regulations.

In the recent past, Mr Plant Hire has grown to be aware that customers have special needs and so it has instructed its employees to ensure that they take care of these needs by adhering to safety and health issues. This is why the company has created a special post called the Company Health & Safety Manager who deals with all matters related to in-house heath as well as safety training.

If you need to hire access systems from Mr Plant Hire, then you will find that they have a number of options available. These include acrow props and wall supports, podium steps, powered access, aluminium scaffold towers, pop-ups and steps and ladders.

For your drilling and breaking plant hire requirements, Mr Plant Hire is pleased to offer options such as electric breakers, drilling machines and hydraulic road breakers. They also have diverse options for those who need to hire builder and construction plant equipment. For example, they will hire out items such as bitumen pots, bolt croppers, damp course injection machines, expanding barriers, road barriers and pick axes.

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