Nixons Plant Hire

Nixons Plant Hire is one of the best plant hire companies in the United Kingdom. It has a wide reach and because it has depots located strategically all over the United Kingdom it is able to serve most parts. The company was originally founded in the year 1967 and over time has grown to become a professional and dynamic family owned and operated plant hire company that has a workforce of over two hundred and fifty people in all sites across the UK.

Plant Hire-proud to have 45 years of experience

Nixons Plant Hire can proudly say that it has more than forty-five years of solid experience in delivering of high quality of plant equipment for hire. The company enjoys an excellent reputation for being among the best plant hire companies in the country. Its headquarters are located in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and in addition the company has other bases that are spread in northern parts of England and also in Scotland.

Offering diverse services

Nixons Plant Hire offers diverse services including non-operated plant hire and in addition it also provides plant maintenance and repairs as well as offers tools and equipment on hire. It is also a good company to deal with for temporary accommodation hire and it is also able to handle event hiring services.

High quality of equipment for hire

One thing that stands out about Nixons Plant Hire is that it offers high quality of plant equipment for hire. With more than four decades of experience the company has become a genuine one-stop shop where people can hire out all kinds of construction plant hire equipment. The service provided by Nixons Plant Hire is also the very best and it is also a company that is strongly committed to providing customers with a pleasant and beneficial experience.

Nixons Plant Hire has invested heavily (and wisely) in the best fleet which has enabled it to keep a young fleet that consists of plant made by top manufacturers. Best of all, this plant is offered for hire at very competitive rates and since the company stocks only new machines it has the ability to add these to its plant hire fleet at a very short notice. In addition, Nixons Plant Hire also maintains all the necessary spares (valued at half a million pounds) and in this way can prevent the customer from suffering from excessive downtime when something goes wrong with their equipment.

Nixons Plant Hire is also a company that makes it a point to hire the best and most professional people who can offer the benefit of their knowledge and experience and in this way can offer superior service to each customer. The company also aims at developing long lasting business relationships with its customers and also takes a very flexible approach when dealing with their customers.

One of the other things that impress anyone that deals with Nixons Plant Hire is that the company has also been awarded for safety and for quality of service. Today, it is ranked among the top 10 large sized privately owned plant hire companies in all of the United Kingdom.

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