Speedy Plant Hire

Speedy Plant Hire is recognized throughout the United Kingdom for being a premier service provider that is able to offer the best equipment for hire and also for sale. In addition, the company is also recognised for providing associated services such as to industrial, infrastructure and construction industries. All these services are provided by Speedy Plant Hire to their customers not only in the United Kingdom but also in overseas destinations.

Plant Hire-established in 1977

Speedy Plant Hire was established as a plant hire company in the year 1977 and is currently the largest plant equipment hire services in this part of the world. The company has a turnover of 350 million pounds and it has served more than one hundred thousand satisfied customers and it also has a network of depots spread out in various locations in the United Kingdom.

International presence

Speedy Plant Hire is not just a UK based plant hire and sales company but it also has an international presence and is able to offer diverse services. It has transformed itself to become a company that truly understands what its customers need and can adapt to their requirements so that they are always able to come up with the best service and the most suitable plant to suit their customer's individual needs. The company can boast of outstanding knowledge and with integrated systems is able to provide the most effective service possible.

Committed to offering superior services

Speedy Plant Hire is committed to offering the best service to its clients and in this they will spare no effort. They always put the customer's needs first and never compromise on the quality of service and plant offered to the customer.

Speedy Plant Hire also understands the fact that their clients come to them for plant hire requirements so that they (the customers) are able to mitigate risks associated with financial liabilities and operational management of ownership of plant. Speedy Plant Hire has therefore made sure that it is capable of training and providing consultancy services to their customers who hire plant from them.

Speedy Plant Hire also invests a substantial amount of their money in their hire fleet. This has helped the company in providing the customer with a fleet of equipment that is modern and every efficient and which always complies with existing safety regulations.

The company can also offer an extensive range of plant equipment for hire including items such as generators and safety instruments and a lot more. The company also maintains a s fleet consisting of more than twelve thousand powered access machines and non-operated plant equipment as well as telehandlers, excavators, rollers, dumpers and forklift trucks as well as road sweeper.

Speedy Plant Hire is also well known and liked for its adherence to safety regulations. When you deal with this company you are assured of speedy and efficient service and in addition the plant that you take on hire will be clean and well maintained and will help you complete your project with minimum fuss or bother and in addition will prove to be a cost effective solution as well.

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