Taylor Plant Hire

If you are looking for a plant hire company that is able to offer reliable, safe and very efficient services then you should take a close look at a company called Taylor Plant Hire. This is a company that has earned a solid reputation for being reliable and it is also there to offer safe plant for hire and in the most efficient manner as well.

Plant Hire- serving central and eastern Scotland

Taylor Plant Hire serves most of the eastern and central regions in Scotland as well as close to the borders of Scotland. The company was established way back in the year 2001 and has over time become a much stronger and well known company that offers the very best in plant hire service.

Expanded its plant fleet

Over time, Taylor Plant Hire has managed to expand its plant fleet and can today offer a whole range of plant for hire. From tracked and wheeled excavators to hydraulic breakers and to bulk haulage service, Taylor Plant Hire is there to meet your every need. The company is well known for being a complete plant hire company and is capable of providing plant hire for every different kind and size of project.

JCB and digger hire

Taylor Plant Hire specialises in providing JCB and digger hire and in this regard has ensured that its broad range of equipment is suitable to handle every kind of project including very small ones and also very large ones. Taylor Plant Hire is therefore the right company to deal with if you want to ensure that you are dealing with a company that is able to provide complete plant hire services.

Tracked excavators

Taylor Plant Hire supplies various plants for hire including tracked excavators of between 13 and 22 tonnes capacity. It also supplies JCBs and hydraulic breakers and it is also a company that is able to run a plant fleet of machines that are very modern and also very well maintained. Each operator that works for the company has CPCS approval and is experienced in performing all kinds of operations.

Taylor Plant Hire ensures that each machine in its plant fleet is properly maintained and is of the very highest standards. The company has its own team of specially trained technicians that take care of all machines that form part of the company's plant fleet.

The present address of Taylor Plant Hire is Jason J Taylor Plant Hire, 1 lady Emily Way, Gorebridge EH23 4GA. The telephone number is 01875 821 618. If you are serious about obtaining your plant from the best plant hire company then it is in your best interests to deal with Taylor Plant Hire.

The company has expanded and grown and become much stronger than what it was in the year 2001 when it first began to offer its services to the region. For those companies and individuals that need to rent plant in the central and eastern parts of Scotland, Taylor Plant Hire is the best bet. With an exhaustive list of plants to offer, this company is there to ensure that you get the exact machine to suit your particular needs.

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