Winner Plant Hire

Winner plant hire is one of the better known plant hire companies in the UK. It has its offices in Sussex and in Surrey. The company offers a wide range of plant for hire including bowsers of which there are two types which are the fuel bowsers and the water bowsers. For those who plan on hiring fuel bowsers there are a number of options available including 1125 and 2250 litre Bunded Fuel Bowsers with manual and electric pumps respectively.

Plant Hire- hire different types of compressors

If you need to hire compressors from Winner plant hire then there are again two types to choose from with one being the compressor and the other being the different kinds of compressor tools. For those who need compressors on hire, Winner plant hire offers Kaeser M20, M43 single and two tool compressors respectively. The weekly hire rate for the single tool compressor is seventy-five pounds and one has to hire the compressor for at least one week. For the two tool compressor, the rates are ninety-five pounds per week and there is a minimum one week hire requirement.

Tracked dumpers for hire

Winner plant hire also offers various kinds of dumpers (tracked) on hire. If you would like to hire the Cormidi 50 HI Tip Tracked barrow, Winner charges sixty pounds for the first day and thirty pounds for each additional day. In addition, you can pay 150 pounds for this particular item for weekly hire.

Wheeled dumpers for hire

Winner plant hire also offers dumpers (wheeled) on hire and the rates for a Thwaites Micro Dumper 300 are forty-eight pounds for the first day. For each additional day, you will have to pay the company twenty-four pounds. For weekly hire, the rates are 120 pounds. There are several other options available as well.

Winner plant hire also provides tracked excavators for hire. To hire a micro excavator such as the Yanmar SV08-1 the company charges 94 pounds for the first day and then adds another 47 pounds for each additional day. For those who would like to hire this item on a weekly basis, the rates per week are 235 pounds. There are several other options available as well.

You can also hire generators from Winner plant hire. The company has portable generators as well as road tow generators. It will rent out portable generators at a daily rate of 16 pounds per day for 1 KVA petrol driven generator. For each additional day of hire, the company will charge you another eight pounds and for weeks the charge is forty pounds per week. For weekend hire, the company charges 24 pounds. You will also find numerous other kinds of portable generators for hire.

If you are interested in hiring a road tow generator from Winner plant hire, and then the company will hire it. For rates, you will need to contact the company who will provide you with a quote.

To call the company at its headquarters you will need to dial 01903 230700 and to speak to them at their Sussex offices you will have to dial 01444 456789.

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